A new player ... with a long history.


Though HIT VALVE brand is a newcomer in the industry, the history of our Company dates back to 2006.

We started off as a new business division launched inside AST S.p.A., leading Italian manufacturer of safety relief and change-over valves founded in 1951. For 5 years, starting 2006 up to 2011, we have resided at the Company’s facility located in Cornaredo, Milan, Italy and have operated as a product-based unit specifically dedicated to the production of On/Off and rotary control ball valves. Following the expansion and growth rapidly achieved, a split between the 2 business lines operated within the Company was deemed as necessary and strategic for future further development. In 2011, AST’s shareholders and management decided for a restructuring plan that led to the establishment of a new separate legal entity in charge of On/Off and rotary control ball valves branded: HIT VALVE S.p.A.

As an independent organization, though still owned by AST as 100% shareholder, the new company officially started operations on January, 1st 2012 and moved to a new stand-alone facility located in Gaggiano, close to Milan, Italy. The 3.500 square meter premises, where we are still located, house the administrative and commercial offices, as well as a spacious manufacturing shopfloor equipped with state-of-the-art assembly and testing machinery and tools.
This increased production footprint and enhanced capacity allowed to cater to a steadily growing demand by customers and to achieve increasing technical and commercial success.

We can rely on a team of local managers and engineers with strong background in product design and manufacturing and count on a door-to-door network of qualified subsuppliers.

The word ‘HIT’ contains the letters ‘IT’ referring to ‘Italy’ and stands for the acronym ‘High Italian Technology’. Moreover, as a word itself, its meaning is related to ‘success’ and ‘goal achievement’, which perfectly fits with our business mission and vision. Also, the tagline paired with the logo, ‘Italian know-how’, clearly identifies the essence of our brand.

Throughout our history, we have earned a reputation of excellence thanks to these assets. Now, we are looking towards the future eager to catch continuous opportunities for improvement and growth.